Membership Application

Please complete the below to submit your membership application. Details about fees and how to pay can be found at the bottom of this page. Your membership cannot be processed until payment is received. If you have any questions, please email Secretary.

If you would like to download and complete a paper application form, you can do so here.

Your Details

Other Family Members (Only required if they are also joining)

If a country nomination, are you a Member of another Gamefishing Club
 Yes No

If admitted to this Club I / We agree to abide by the fishing rules and objectives of This Club and of the Game Fishing Association of Australia


Nomination Fee**:
$100.00 Family (if more than one family member joining)
$100.00 Single Ordinary/ Country Member
$ 80.00 Country/If you belong to another GFAA Affiliated Club

Yearly Membership Fee:
$ 100.00 Ordinary
$ 70.00 Spouse/Partner (living under same roof)
$ 80.00 Country (outside Shire of Roebourne)
$ 50.00 Dependent Child (to age 18 years)
$ 15.00 Junior (to age 16 years)

1) Nomination Fee and Yearly Membership Fee must accompany this application. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct deposit (BSB 306 093 Account 4173044). Please use surname in description and send email notification of payment with nomination form once payment is made.

2) Family nomination is defined as those members of a family domiciled under one roof and shall include registered students at boarding school or university.

**Note: Nomination fee is a one off fee which is payable on initial nomination to join the club. This fee is not required to be paid each year on renewal of membership.